Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mothers day cards

Here are a couple of new card designs, both for Mothers day and with a spring flower theme. Ive been trying out different card weights, the 290gsm is a bit thick, and 160gsm is too thin, I'm thinking 210gsm. The Epson Matte Heavy weight gives a lovely sharp print, but is no good for cards, better for prints...which I am looking forward to working on more and listing on etsy.


Diana said...

So sweet and you're so organised. I've experimented with all different card stocks and have found watercolour papers(from art supply stores) ranging from 200 - 300gsm print quite well through an epson printer. With the higher gsm it gets tricky to fold without dodgey crease lines. I have found post consumer recycled paper at 210gsm very good as well. Good luck with the experiments. Di

sooziebee said...

love these, esp the second one, so bright and cheerful x

kitty stitch said...

Thanks for the tips Di, yes Ive been lightly scoring my card with a blade to get a better fold. I would like to find the recycled paper at 210gsm. Thanks Sue!x