Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Friends and family

This is my latest istock accepted drawing. Its always nice to get accepted, and this one was rejected at first, they wanted me to tidy up my lines. I don't mind the rejection as long as I can improve it and have it accepted the next time.... its worth it!

The girls are off school for half term this week, so I may be short of posts, its been so wonderful though, the sun is actually shining and we have the first signs of spring! Walks on the beach with the kids, hanging out with friends and family... I will be inspired for next week when all is back to normal.


Tara said...

Ooh I like this pic! What does it mean to have one of your illustrations accepted by istock?

kitty stitch said...

thanks Tara.....well it means the illustration is now in a stock library on-line, and people can download it and use it as artwork, I get a small royalty each time it is used!

Diana said...

Just beautiful. This would look fantastic blown up super big on a wall. Congrats on it being accepted into istock. Must look into that one day once I unchain myself from my sewing machine.