Friday, 14 October 2011

Designs for quilt makers

During the past few months I have been designing for a new client, Makower Uk who make fabrics for the quilting market. Its been steep learning curve!! It is very different to making quick and quirky ideas for the fashion market. Everything needs to be a lot more considered and well rendered. Saying that they were very pleased with the first batch of designs we did, with an afternoon tea theme. Now the samples are going to be printed up in Korea, and the boss has promised me a quilt made up in my range! If that does happen I will post a picture for sure!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Website

Moonfruit is a great place to build a website. I've just spent some time making a new site as my old one (......which was lovely and my brother Anthony helped me make it), was a load of hassle to Ant if I wanted to upload new designs! Moonfruit is very easy to use, and has some great features such as a slide show, and various user friendly gadgets to help make the site look pretty ok. So have a peek and see what you think. I will hang on to my old site for now too.....oh dear hoarding again!