Friday, 6 February 2009

kitty joins cafe

Today Ive been looking into starting up a cafe press shop. It seems quite a good idea for me. So far Ive just set up a basic shop so go and take a peek!! Its quite exciting to see your design on so many products. I believe I will have to upgrade to a premium shop, as y0u are limited to how many designs you can sell in the basic. I need to do a lot more planning for a premium shop, and get a whole range of designs that will sit well together. I think it will be worth the fee, its about $5 a month if you pay it in one hit for the year. Has anyone tried cafe press before?


Tara said...

Never heard of Cafe Press but it looks good! Do you print your own t shirts etc?

kitty stitch said...

No you dont do that printing thats the joy of it, cafe press do all that. Its very different to esty in that its not so craft based, but its a good way to get your prints seen.