Friday, 21 January 2011

Hey my monster is in Boots!

Out doing a shop report today, just to get some inspiration, I bumped into a friend of mine..."I recognize you monster!".....this monster started life in my studio as a little sketch, and now here he is in Boots....The Mini club Boys Collection.

The first picture is my original design, then you can see how they have made him into pajamas and slipper socks. Very pleased with the results and they have the models wearing him on the banner too. Grin. Maybe I shouldn't go and work on the til's at Tesco after all?....

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Its a bit late but Happy 2011!

Gosh, my last post was ages ago...sorry blogland! I guess Christmas and New Year celebrations took up my time.

I've been doing some textile design agency work so far this month. I found some silk in my fabric box and decided to do some freehand silk painting.......its such a joy after looking at a computer and using the Wacom tablet.

These are aimed at young girl and baby girl in the hands of my agent. All designs copyright Catherine Moran 2011 and my sugar cube.