Friday, 23 January 2009

Kitty stitch

Last night I knitted 'kitty' to join owl in my etsy shop. Louisa is a Chinese Monkey, so I made her a cute monkey and now Ruby would like a snake... that's her Chinese sign. Yesterday I was looking into ways to direct people to my shop and flickr is a good way to network on line. So now I have my account set up, I will post my designs and handmade things there. Although strictly speaking flickr is just about sharing photos, many designers like to showcase their work. Its a great place to get inspired online.


diana said...

Your knitty animals are great. My mother is the knitter in our family and for Christmas knitted Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a sheep nativity scene. Visitors didn't know what to say or make of it. We couldn't stop giggling at it all Christmas.

kitty stitch said...

thats so funny!!