Saturday, 23 February 2008


Today Ive been learning how to use illustrator CS, through an online learning website. Its called and you pay $25 per month to get tuition on loads of different software. I usually use photoshop for my designs, but have wanted to learn illustrator for ages, as you can get different line qualities. Heres my first little character, which is for my website.


Rosa said...

So cute. I am horrible at tutorials! I forget once they finish the first sentence! lol

kitty stitch said...

I must admit its differcult keeping the concentration up.. I always want to run before I can walk!:)

orange you lucky! said...

Illustrator is such wonderful tool! It's great that you are learning it! It would come in handy. The best tutorial is just playing around for a good long time and try different things! Good Luck!