Monday, 4 August 2008

Back home!

We're back from our lovely holiday in Cornwall...if you don't like rainy days on a caravan site, this one wont be for you!! We did have some beautiful days too, but the Cornish coast is wild and changeable. This dramatic beach photo sums it up. We clambered down some steps carved into the cliff to get to this lovely beach at Gwiththian ...the girls loved the rock pools here and I found some stripey stones, which are my favourite for inspiration.


diana said...

Welcome back. Rainy days on a caravan site is for very hardcore campers, well done! I am not one of them. I've turned up for a camping trip only to go home the same day, my parents ruined me when I was young and took us on nightmare camping holidays. The beach looks amazing, very dramatic.

kitty stitch said...

oh dear! hopefully the girls enjoyed it enough for it not to scar them for life!!